Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It is with great sadness that I report of the passing of one of my favorite equine models and friends, Cash. Cash passed away yesterday and his death has broken many hearts but none more so than the heart he owned, his "Mom", Juli Matz. I created the image above as a tribute to him and have had it printed and sent to Juli. The base image of him was taken last August and he was trotting by looking straight at Juli not me. I think you can see the love in his eyes. He was an exceptional horse, not only obviously beautiful but so smart and full of so much personality. He will be missed. Cashy, I hope you're jumping over the clouds today.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Larger Prints-Lower Prices!

As I've heard said here in these Tennessee hills, "You can't beat that with a stick!" I'm offering larger prints for a lower price and still FREE shipping!

Three Prints that I've recently added or updated and I'll be adding more over the next few days:

11x16 print for $26.00 and shipping is on me.
Photographers call the fog atmosphere and light beams like this are called God's light. It's been several years since I clicked the shutter on this image but I still remember that amazing morning when all of the elements and the horses came together to make magic!
11x14 inch print for $22.00 and again no charge for shipping.
At the time of Danny's birth, I was very scared being a first time horse mom but this was Mouse's second foal and she had the process down pat including the bonding. This "photo montage" was created with a photo taken just two hours after Danny arrived. I think we all fell instantly in love with him but Mouse most of all. I tell the entire story of that morning in May in the description of this image on its Etsy page. It was very traumatic for me and at the same time totally joyous and amazing. Watching a new life come into the world is truly miraculous. I hope this image conveys at least a small bit of the joy and wonder we felt.
11x14 inch print for $22.00
An older print taken with a camera that didn't allow very large files and certainly didn't provide sharp detail but this is one print from that camera that I love just for that reason. It's almost abstract in both design with its strong contrasts which accentuate the strong lines and beautiful forms and balance of the image and only the horse's head is in sharp detail and focus while the rest of the image seems to melt into the muddied and puddled background. I guess I'm showing my age with the title;-). For those of you not born before 1972, it was a song by a brother and sister duo known as The Carpenters. He played the piano and she sang like an angel. The rest of the line went, "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down." Here's the video...enjoy!

If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly
The wind of heaven is that which flows between a horse's ears.