Sunday, July 5, 2009

Huston and Mouse in the Bolivar Saddle Club Fourth of July horse show. My friend, Fran Forester, was there and had a video camera. She told me that she pulled the camera from her purse as soon as she saw Huston on Mousie. She also said that Mouse was beautiful!:)
I certainly thinks so! And she's expecting, too!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A poem by my friend, Renee Fukumoto:

This was written by Renee in response to an email that my sister had forwarded to me. I was talking to my sister about a new business venture of mine which I told her made me feel as if I was facing a cliff and getting ready to jump. Right after our conversation, my sister received an email that she said sounded as if it was written just for me. The email said: when God leads you to a cliff, you have only two choices: leap and know that he will catch you or leap and let him teach you how to fly! Renee's poem is incredibly beautiful, her words so powerful; I know you will enjoy it. I think it will become my new mantra:

He spread His arms
to die
and, rising,
Gave me wings
to fly
~ r
Glory in the wings He gave you Sande!!

If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly
The wind of heaven is that which flows between a horse's ears.