Friday, July 3, 2009

A poem by my friend, Renee Fukumoto:

This was written by Renee in response to an email that my sister had forwarded to me. I was talking to my sister about a new business venture of mine which I told her made me feel as if I was facing a cliff and getting ready to jump. Right after our conversation, my sister received an email that she said sounded as if it was written just for me. The email said: when God leads you to a cliff, you have only two choices: leap and know that he will catch you or leap and let him teach you how to fly! Renee's poem is incredibly beautiful, her words so powerful; I know you will enjoy it. I think it will become my new mantra:

He spread His arms
to die
and, rising,
Gave me wings
to fly
~ r
Glory in the wings He gave you Sande!!


  1. Love the poem! Happy Fourth of July!

  2. Thank you! Renee is an amazing poet but she is so humble. She see nothing extraordinary in the fact that she is constantly writing poetry instantaneously as you talk to her. She's amazing and amazingly talented. She also does art work and photography. Look up her pages on the side bar of my blog under links.


If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly
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