Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Tennessee Equestrian a Comprehensive Guide for the TN Horse Owner

Well we're off to a good start but we still need your help. Please, let all of your friends, especially those who have horse related businesses however small, know about the TN Equestrian. And also, please, let us know about any shows or events across the state where we can distribute info on the magazine. To make the TN Equestrian as comprehensive as I want it to be, I need to find those small businesses who are more difficult to locate but also the most in need of the wide spread and economical advertising that The Tennessee Equestrian offers.

We are at the beginning but I still need to mention that the cut off for submitting listings and ads is September 1st, 2010. So get them in early. The listings start at just $15 by check or cash (receipt will be provided with all ad/listing purchases) or $18 by credit card (the extra $3 fee is to help cover the expense of providing this convenience to our advertisers.) Full color ads start at just $150 for a credit card size ad. Not only are these prices very much below the average for magazine advertising but they will provide you with an entire year of state wide exposure to your target audience. And we will do our best to insert your ad within the section of the magazine that concerns the type of business you have.

We are also doing something a little bit different. Since The Tennessee Equestrian will be provided free of charge to the public, we need to pay for all of the pages printed. That not only includes the pages paid for with listings and ads but also the many informative and entertaining articles that we hope to include and such sections as a travel guide and listings for non-profits and rescues groups which we'd love to provide for no cost. In order to pay for these pages and provide no-cost exposure for charitable organizations, we are offering page and article sponsorships. If your company purchases a sponsored article or page, you will also receive a 1/4 to 1/2 page, full color ad within the article or on the page stating your sponsorship and also a 1/2 page (for joint sponsorship between two businesses) to FULL page, full color ad (full sponsorship) for your business. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about sponsored articles and pages.

If you would like to receive a brochure and ad/listing application by mail or just want more information on The Tennessee Equestrian, you can contact me, Sande Elkins, at 865.458.1420 or

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