Saturday, March 7, 2009

Working on the WebSite

I am closer to finally being done with this. I'm putting together 12-15 minute video/slide shows of all of the Blue Point Stable shows from last year. I should have those posted and the page published by tomorrow so you can check back then. I really have enjoyed putting these together. Sorting through the photos brought back so many great memories. There are even a few in there of Ms Mouse and me at our first shows ever(that's the two of us in the middle photo just before we lined up for our first halter class-we're discussing the game plan,lol). Mouse did so well during her first halter showing, that the judge pulled her out of the line up to demonstrate with and she won a first place ribbon! The judge told me to stop looking so scared because that horse wasn't going to hurt me. I told her that I wasn't scared of the horse I was scared of her which made her laugh. She said that I should just relax because my horse obviously knew what she was doing. I said, "I don't know how she does because both of us only started doing this three days ago." She looked at us in disbelief and then told me that I was mistaken because Mouse certainly had plenty of show experience and that Huston must have shown her a lot before he sold her to me. I called Huston that night and he told me that he'd never had her anywhere near a show ring. She was the same when I first rode her in a show. She watched the other horses and then behaved like she'd been doing this her entire life. I was so proud of her. She got another first place there. I just wonder how good she could be if she had someone riding her that didn't look petrified the entire time, lol.
It has been a week for loss and bad news. First, my old friend Bruce passed away and then our dear friend, Ed Collins. Ed was 81 and I guess I just thought he'd always be around. It was one of those situations like so many when we let life interfere with living, I saw Ed and Mary last Spring and thought at the time that I would start visiting them regularly. They both had so many medical problem over the last few years and were pretty much tied to their home except for visits to the doctor. So, now I'm left with another regret in life. Regret is a horrible feeling because it always involves those things we can not change. Too bad that life does not give us do overs. I guess the only answer is to learn something from it and not to repeat the same mistake. Life is truly too short so cherish all of those you love and let them know now. I ordered flowers for Ed's funeral today and I thought about what my mother use to say, "Give your flowers to the living because the dead can't appreciate them." It's too late to let Ed know how much I loved and respected him but I hope that I don't make the mistake again of thinking, today, I'm too busy but there is always tomorrow. 

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