Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Phoenix Appeal

 the T-shirt is available in various colors and in long or short sleeves
 My sister-friend is kin to the wind, She lets my heart run free; Up to the airs of heaven's height, Her spirit carries me. 
I've donated a new design of mine both as a T-shirt and poster to a group on Red Bubble :
Called the Phoenix-Appeal Account, this group hopes to bring together the many efforts currently being made to raise funds and bring forms of relief to the victims of the Black Saturday bushfires (Saturday 7 February 2009) in Victoria, Australia. These events have been the worst in Australia’s history by all accounts and the death toll is horrific, loss of property widespread, and grief extending to all Australians.
You can find my contributions by clicking on the link above. They are in a file in my Red Bubble gallery titled, Phoenix Appeal donations. Redbubble will double the proceeds from all sales of donated items and forward that money to the Red Cross for the direct aid of all fire victims. I hope you can help.

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If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly
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