Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good News and Bad

The good news is that I've been included in two more beautiful Etsy Treasuries: I Dream of Horses & Tarot of Horses. Both were put together by members of the Etsy Whoa Horses Team Group & Blog. It is a team made up of artists, artisans, and photographers whose main subject is the horse. There is some gorgeous work there and if you love horses and great art, you should definitely check it out. 

Now for the bad news. I received an email from my friend, Cathy Hill. Cathy is the niece of Huston Jenkins, the man who raised and trained Mouse and is one of the finest horsemen and people that I have ever met. Cathy is a special person, too. She  breeds and raises gaited mules. Usually they sell their mules and mollies as yearlings but five years ago there was one special little molly born that Cathy just couldn't part with. Her name was Tessa and she had a very rare genetic makeup that made her a beautiful and extremely rare champagne color with golden eyes. She was also extremely bright. Mules are known for being intelligent animals but Tessa was truly exceptional. There is a website where Cathy tells Tessa's story: the story of her birth and life as a youngster, the story of what happened with the trainer they sent her to, the story of Cathy trying to save her life and finally the story of Tessa's death. Cathy concludes with links and addresses to the authorities in Missouri who have failed to followup on Cathy's charges of abuse against the trainer. When you see the photos of what was done to Tessa (and I warn you they are very graphic!), I'm sure you will want to write to those "authorities" and demand justice for Tessa. 

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If I Could Fly
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