Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Romp

Mouse Feeling her Spring Oats....or else running away from me to avoid work, lol.
I was smart this morning and managed to corral her during her breakfast. Still, even though getting a halter on her was a breeze--she actually dropped her head and let me do it--getting her into the trailer was another matter entirely!! We've been having problems with this for about a week. The first time was Monday when I was planning on taking her to Brandy's farm (Blue Point) for a quick ride in the arena. That plan fell through quickly when she absolutely refused to be loaded. I tried every trick I knew and finally called our friend, Chris. Chris has been working with a man that he calls a real horse whisperer. I believe him after watching Chris, who was nice enough to drive to our place when he heard we were having problems and spent at least three hours working with Mouse, working magic. By the time he called it done, Mouse was leaping into the trailer on the command, "Load!" The next day, I tried it on my own and it took a few attempts before she was doing what I asked. Then I ate a bad shrimp--which isn't a story in itself...or maybe it is, lol...but I didn't feel like doing much of anything for a few days. Still I know Mouse is smart and smart enough not to have forgotten all of this in five days. She is just in season and showing herself a bit. Well, if you'd seen how she was acting when I first started lunging her, you might say that she is showing her self a lot. It took over an hour and a lot of sweat on both out parts, she and I, before she finally reluctantly loaded. Then I made her back out and do it all over again hoping that would make her easier to get back in the trailer when we were ready to come home. In her defense, Steve had me get in the trailer and ride with Mouse up the driveway to our pasture when we got back home and I told her that I now understand why she hates it so. It is noisy in there. There were times, when we were crossing all of the gullies that the winter rains created, that it sounded as if the entire contraption would fall apart around us. I'm sure it has to be better out on smooth pavement but still she has to feel and hear every bump. 
It was windy today, too, which didn't help. I was a bit reluctant to get in the saddle once we got to Brandy's but Steve told me that was what we were there for. So, I took a literal leap of faith and the girl was great. She got a wee bit spooky but straightened right out when I corrected her a bit. In the end, she was a doll and now, I need to take her the extra feed I promised her tonight. I know she's waiting for that:)

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