Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Installment of The Trip

Above: Gray Stud Mouse, Mouse's sire
The horse that we're breeding Mouse to next month.

Huston has been telling me that I should breed Mouse for a while now. He told me that Mouse was too good of a horse and too well bred not to pass on her lineage. So, we left Mouse with Huston in Missouri so that she could be bred to a Missouri Traveler stud that belongs to Dale and Donna Nissen, who also own Mouse's sire, Gray Stud Mouse. There is a picture below of Gray Stud Mouse with Huston and also I've put a full body shot with this post. You can see in this photo just how much Mouse looks like him. I was thrilled that I got the opportunity to meet both horses and "The Honey Horse" which is Mouse's grandfather on her mother's side....I know this is getting complicated. All of Dale and Donna's stallions are so sweet tempered and people friendly. The photo that I have of the Traveler stud is very blurry because it was taken inside the barn with very little light but this was the friendliest guy, he loves attention. I was petting him and loving on him and you would never have known that he was a stallion. When I stopped noticing him and started talking to the people, he reached over and started nuzzling me, lol. Between his dispostion and Mouse's, we ought to get a sweet baby. I'm so excited and it was such fun visiting the Nissan farm which is gorgeous--you feel as if you are miles away from the rest of the world out there, meeting Dale and meeting the stallions which were all special and gorgeous.
Huston tells me that it is a joy having Mouse back on his farm for a while. He plans on showing her this summer and this weekend he will be showing her off in a twenty mile charity ride in Long Lane, Missouri. He told me that there will be between a 100 and 150 horses on the ride. I told him that we will have the best horse there and he said, "You bet we will!" I think we both are more than a little smitten with this horse:)
I'll probably be posting at least two more posts about the trip. One will be about the trail ride we went on last Saturday and the next about the two horses we brought back home with us...yes, TWO:)

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