Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Week With the New Kids

Fluid Motion
Longing in Their Hearts
The new "boys" are beginning to settle in here in Tennessee after a week on our farm. Brandy, our old Appy mare, seemed to fall in love with Mouse's baby, Django, immediately. She's never screamed at him or bitten or done anything harsh. She will nuzzle and groom him any time that he'll stand still for it and even doesn't mind when he slips into her feed bucket. Not quite the same relationship that she has with our other boy, Rowdy(named so for two reasons: he is rowdier on the ground than his calm under saddle self would indicate, lol...and Rowdy Yates aka Clint Eastwood, of the old Rawhide TV series, was my first crush as a tiny little girl. Which indicates my age as well as Mr. Eastwoods, lol!) Brandy put Rowdy into his place from the first moment they met and I watched the old girl plant a well placed hoof on Rowdy's rump when he attempted to share her food. He usually keeps a wary eye on her and gives her wide berth. This morning he was standing at the fence curiously watching Steve work at building a dam to stop the run off and gullies that we're getting from all of this rain. When Brandy came down to the fence, Rowdy moved away but evidently not far enough away for Brandy. She actually started backing up quickly in his direction and Rowdy decided to hide behind Django. Do you think he's smart enough to know that she wouldn't kick Django? I don't know if he realized that or not but it did stop her onslaught on him. 
I have yet to get a really good photo of either new horse. It seems as if it has been raining and gloomy almost nonstop since our return. So, the two photos I'll include with this post are both of my sweet Mouse, whom I'm missing more than I even thought was possible. These are both shots that I took at Huston's farm. One shows her staring longingly out at the pasture where all of the mares stay. I called the photo, Longing in Their Hearts, after the Bonnie Raitt song. Huston says that she still stands there every day and whinies softly but he doesn't want to let her out with the other mares yet for fear she'll be hurt. The other photo was also taken on Huston's farm the morning after we arrived and it is of Mouse being Mouse, lol. She really showed off for us the night before as well, prancing about and running and kicking, but it was too dark for me to get a good shot of that show. 

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