Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just how sweet is my Django? Not that Rowdy is a bad boy. He's just a wee bit stubborn. Today was worming day and the day that I was going to put on the bio spot for flys, fleas and ticks.  Django, as usual, was so agreeable. He dropped his head for me to put his halter on. I led him to the fence and tied him up and he stood patiently while I applied the fly repellant and giving him the wormer was easy as pie. Even Brandy, who is usually a pill to deal with when haltering or worming, was a doll since both I and the vet figured out that she doesn't throw a fit as long as you come at her from her right side. There was no head slinging or pulling away. I didn't even put a rope on her! Then there was Rowdy...he's another story altogether. The boy has a stubborn streak and he doesn't like being told what to do. It took me over thirty minutes to finally get him cornered and a rope thrown around his neck so that I could halter him. Oh, I did get him cornered in the run in once but the other two decided to join us. I didn't feel quite safe in such close quarters with three horses especially when two of them don't get along. Once he was haltered,  I didn't tie him up which meant I had to chase him around to get the bio spot applied to his rear legs and then he pulled a Brandy on me, clamping his lips closed and throwing his head up when I tried to give him the wormer. I did succeed in the end but I've decided that perhaps Rowdy needs to be haltered and worked with every day for a least until he stops running away from me. 


  1. I guess Rowdy really fits the description of his name! What a pill... Lots of patient halter work for him, you could fill a syringe with applesauce and do practice worming.

    Do you like the bio-spot stuff? I have heard of it but never tried, seems it would be easier than always spraying stuff on with most of it flying away with the breeze!

  2. Try this again:)
    Hi Stephanie,
    I hope you see this because I'm fairly new to blogspot and I have no idea if I'm posting as a reply or not.
    The bio-spot really seems to help with fleas. They've been terrible here this year and since applying bio-spot, I've only seen a few on the horses and they don't seem to stick around. My vet actually recommended it because of the ticks the horses brought with them from Missouri. My horses never seem to get ticks here, in East Tennessee, but they are terrible in South Western Missouri where we got our new boys.
    So, this is actually my first experience with bio-spot but I do think I'm going to like it:) Last year I spread fly predators which worked really well but I forgot to order them in March and you really need to scatter them the first time in least here in the South. So, I hope that helps. The only thing that concerns me about the bio-spot is whether or not it might be an irritant when we ride since it is applied down their backs. I haven't ridden them since applying it so I can't tell you about that.
    Thanks for the comments.
    ~Sande E.


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