Monday, May 11, 2009

Results from the Equine Ideal Photography Competition

The winners and placements in the Equine Ideal Spring 2009 Photography Competition were announced today. All four of my entries made it into the top ten of their catagories:
Head Study (Moonlit Grace) ~ 4th Place
Horses at Liberty (At Play in the Fields of the Lord) ~ 3rd Place
Black & White (Misty Morning Run) ~ Honorable Mention (every placement beyond 6th place)
Art (Once in a Dream) ~ First Place!! 
I was entered into the amateur division this year because I didn't make enough from my photography last year to qualify for the pro division. But the level of work in the amateur division was amazing and I'm so shocked and delighted to have placed this well with my entries. Next competition, I will be able to enter the professional division so we will see how I fare there. Thanks to everyone who voted for me for People's Choice. I didn't win but I still appreciate your votes so much. 


If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly
The wind of heaven is that which flows between a horse's ears.