Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16th

I have a new video/slide show up and this one features Nori Bucci and her song, No Stranger. You can actually view it below! Hope you like it; I can guarantee that you'll love Nori's music. She is amazingly talented and I'm thrilled and honored that she's allowing me to use her music with my photo slide shows.

I just signed up on Face Book yesterday. I know, I know, I've been on the internet for forever or at least over 15 years and I'm just now getting around to joining Face Book?? What's up with me? lol
Anyhow, I'm so excited because I've connected on there with friends I haven't seen since high school...many, many moons ago!! That would be Daryl Lunsford, who happens to be an incredibly talented musician and now lives in Illinois, and Paul Julian, who is also a photographer!! Small world, huh? Actually, for a small school in a small town, we had a lot of creative kids then and still do for that matter. I also connected with two wonderful ladies from my childhood that I have occasionally run into over the last thirty+++ years, Jan Evans...who I always seem to see at the grocery store but now it will be nice to hear from her more often...and Claudia Hines-Tester...who I grew up with and we use to ride our bikes from dawn 'till dusk all through those wonderful long ago summers:-) Jan has lived in Sweetwater, where I grocery shop,lol, for years and Claudia, who was a hometown teacher until just last year, has moved to Florida recently. I know she loves her life down there in the sub-tropical warmth but I will miss seeing her even if it was only occasionally. 
I also reconnected with some great friends from my wood carving and show days. Anne Brattan was my best friend for years and she was not only an artist but she also promoted several shows that I did in the Chicago area. We've lost touch since both of us have moved on in other career directions(Anne is now a fine artist rep. and promoter) so it was great to hear from her,too. Then this morning, I got a wonderful surprise when I was "friended" by Anne's middle daughter, Katie. Anne has three great daughters Kristen, who lives and works in Scotland now, Megan, the baby who is studying art in SC, and my sweet Kate:-), who is doing oceanic research. Anne's husband, Tom, is a football coach at Maryland and I got to give a big WhooHoo for their big bowl win over the holidays!!
That is all the news for now. I shouldn't still be sitting here since I'm so far behind on EVERYTHING but I wanted to give a big shout out to all my new-old friends:-)...and I've also been waiting all morning for the Bonnie Raitt tickets to go on sale...Yeh!! Love Bonnie and she is coming to the Tennessee in March. This will be Steve's b'day gift for this year....he turns 55 on Sunday!! Yeh! for that, too.
Take care all and I will post again soon....but I won't promise everyday. ~Sande

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