Thursday, January 15, 2009

News and Announcements:

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog where I will post all news, announcements, videos, new photos, and links. 
I'm hoping to finally get the new website,, I am aware that it is waaaaaay too long, lol) up and running next week and the two old ones, and revised. The folk art wood sculpture site has been off line for a few months. It was selkinsfolkart but my ownership of the domain ended and the company that had handled that for me were way to expensive to go with again but they are still holding my domain name for ransom. I refuse to pay the outrageous amount that they want just for the domain when I can get a new domain and site hosting for just a bit more. Thus the name change. Both the photography site and wood sculpture will link from the main/base site which is Gray Horse Designs. This page and the dvd/video site will link from both the GHD site and the photog. site. Like I said, it is taking longer than I thought to pull this all together but I'm beginning to see that flicker of light at the end of the tunnel and I have my fingers crossed that all will be up and running by next week(January 22).
Ok, news, news, news:
I'm excited to tell everyone that the fabulously talented and just all round wonderful person, Nori Bucci, has offered to let me use her beautiful music on my photo slide show videos on You Tube and elsewhere. Her music is just incredible and this will be a treat for everyone. Check out Nori's work at: She has two albums currently available and a new one coming out soon. She is also an extremely talented visual artist. You can see her artwork on her site and also links to her music and videos of her performing. 
I'll be getting those new videos done and posted within the next two weeks. If I can figure out how, I'll post the best here as well and I'll have links to all videos here as well. 
I have done a book, mainly a vanity but I do like how it turned out. I did it through and I'm not really pleased with the quality of the hard copy but the view on line where you can view the entire book is great. The binding and dust cover on the print version is terrific but the photos aren't as sharp or bright as I'd like. I did one earlier through shutterfly and I actually liked it much better. The photos looked great in it and so I think I will try shutterfly with a longer version and maybe try out blurb as well. If nothing else, they make great portfolios:-). I also am going to do my best to get the price down to something reasonable. I got in on a deal with mypublisher to get two for the price of one but the base price was still over a $100!! Much too much in this economy especially with my thin wallet.
Here is the link to the book so you can view it on line. 
I hope that worked. Since this is my first post I'm no quite sure what I'm doing if, I ever am:-)
I'll also be posting new work here for you to see. I'll be posting some on the photo site so that you can buy it there but I'm going to try to keep those portfolios a reasonable size and to do that, I might rotate the photos included.
Also, I will not be doing horse shows any longer unless someone hires me to shoot them exclusively. I'm sorry guys. I enjoyed the shows and meeting all of you but it was a lot of work not to be making any money from it. I only sold one small print last year from the horse shows. We'll still see each other since I plan to show Mouse some this year and a new horse that I might be getting...more on that when it happens...but I will be sans camera. 
I'm going to be putting my Mouse "stories" here as well. I can chronicle my life with her and  share her constant a wider audience. She is a character. The little Houdini let herself out of the pasture again today. Steve, my husband, fed for me and he said she pretty much ignored him when he first drove over there. She was just grazing in the hay field which is so poor this year that there isn't much chance that it could cause her to colic or founder. I do worry about her maybe wandering near the road but in all of her escapes she's only left that upper field and a constant view of Brandy, my old Appy, once and that was when I attempted to put a halter on her. Most of the time and today was typical, she will go down to gate, when one of us drives up, and wait for us to let her back in...evidently, she isn't as good at breaking in as she is at breaking out.:-)
Well,  that is all the news that I can think of at the moment. I will try to keep up with this blog better than I have my posts on MySpace. I will notify those on my email list whenever I put up a new post. If you would like to be included, email me at
Hope you all are well and snuggled inside your homes where it is warm. Take care~Sande

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