Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rene Fukumoto

Rene Fukumoto is a very talented whether her medium is pencil and paper, paint and canvas, a camera, or the written word. When she saw my photo Solitude 2,  she felt inspired to write these beautiful words. I am so touched and so honored that my work would inspire such lovely words. 
I asked her if I could reprint the poem here and she graciously agreed, telling me that the poem belongs with the photo. 

Solitude ~ a Vision

Renee Fukumoto

granted a vision
of Horse
the golden Eden light reveals
a mystery of grace,
the taste of honey'd light
upon my eyes
Imparts to me the Gift:
a revelation of four legs
and velvet nose
of snort and liquid eye,
the movement of Being
that captures my soul

January 21, 2009
Upon viewing Sande Elkins's photograph "Solitude 2"

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