Monday, January 26, 2009

Variations in Photoshop

In the first, Through a Glass Darkly, I started with the base photo then applied a photo of cracked glass, criss-cross texture layer, and sky image. I then cropped that and reduced it in size so that I could paste it over the original sky image. I then beveled and embossed that layer, added the wings, and an image of limbs. This one took a direction all its own since it is different in style to most of my work. But I felt it was beginning to look like an old album cover or something you might see on the back of a biker's jacket so I added the text which I curved to fit around and accentuate the center "sphere."

The second image took much longer to complete than it might appear. Despite the fact that it looks much simpler than Through a Glass Darkly, it actually took just as long and as many layers to achieve. I started with the same base photo and applied a full frame layer of a photo of crackled glass. Then I applied several layers of sky image both full and partial, which I blended in several different ways. I didn't like the coolness of the image so I applied several warming filters and also a diffuser to soften the image overall. I still thought the image was too cool so I added a shot of water which had golden hues to it which I enhanced before adding. Finally, I went into my Tiffen filters and added a light adjusting filter to add to the golden glow.

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If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly
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